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Gonzo Plastisol Print Style
PVC based ink used
in most common printing.

Gonzo Gear Print Style
 Custom one of a kind apparel. Also custom designs and printing
for retail and
boutique sales.
Gonzo Sport Print Style
 Athletic wear, all styles and sports.  Custom numbering available.

Gonzo Sprays and Dyes Print Style
 Custom sprays and dyes.  We can dye to any color.
Gonzo Large Area Print Style
 Using larger screens, we can print over complete garment and also custom placements.
Gonzo Multi-Media Print Style
 Combination of different specialty processes.
Gonzo Foil Print Style
 Heat applied metallic foils, a very bright custom look.

Gonzo Discharge Print Style
 Ink that removes the
original color of the garment. Has very soft
feel and can be done in several colors.